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Foundational and best practices

Learning to develop websites the most simple way is important to all web developers. It will make coding easier and faster in the later stages of development and will definitely make you stand. Learn the foundational and best practices for developing websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through hands-on projects and real-world scenarios. Develop interactive and responsive websites easily and quickly to impress employers and clients. Learning the fundamentals will also aide in working with the always-expanding world of website APIs, Frameworks and plugins.

Start a career in a matter of months

Whether you plan to get a full-time position at a company (Entry-level starting at $60K) or want to enter the exciting world of freelance, Syntax has a direct connection to Artisan, a national creative agency in the West Loop of Chicago to get access to thousands of jobs in Chicago and the Chicagoland Area. They are the most personal and helpful creative agency in Chicago and have the awards to back it up.


After being a great web developer, connections are key. There's a better chance of landing a great Large agencies many developers want to work for are much easier to get into when someone you know is already working there. "It's not what you know, it's who you know".


Fernando Mondragon

With over 10 years of experience in graphic design and web development, Fernando is one of the developers to learn from. He has a good grasp on both sides of web design and development and is eager to share what he has picked up in his years of working for various companies and clients.

See his work here at www.fmondragon.com


Website workflow and organization

A website commonly uses 4 different languages. At Syntax, you'll learn 2 of those 4 and will be introduced to a third. These 3 are used for front-end development and are always used for web development.

Organization is very important in web development. It's important for future developers that might work on a website you created or if you are working on a pre-developed website, you will know exactly where to find what you need.


HTML structures a website. It contains images and information in containers so that each can be arranged in the most appropriate way. Without html, the website can only look like a text document so we strategically put different parts of content into html containers.

CSS goes hand-in-hand with HTML. Without it, a website will look like a place text document so knowing CSS is one of the most important languages to know to make a website look how it was designed.

jQuery is a Javascript library and is the 3rd language that will be introduced at .syntax{}. jQuery will allow for manipulating html and css so that cool effects can be applied.

Git is a version-control tool. With a few commands, you can work with a dev team and keep track of all changes and be safe from overriding your work and others'. It's essential when you're working on a single project with multiple developers.

Responsive development

Responsive web design at ensures users have a good viewing experience on any of their devices. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its search results and it's essential learn how to optimize websites for mobile by using responsive development.



Laptop. Mac, Windows or other


Text editor:
VS Code (free)
Textmate (free)
Sublime text (free)

Image editor:
Photoshop ($19/mth, recommended - most used by designers)
Befunky.com (simple and free online image editor)
Vectr.com (online or downloadable vector art editor)


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Introduction to HTML/CSS/JQUERY/GIT

4-week workshop

Days: Monday & Wednesday 10am - 12pm

Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Times: 6pm - 10pm

Price: $2,000

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